FlexConnect10 Colour Changing LED Starter Kit

4m LED Strip

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Colour changing LED Strips

Looking for a simple, cost effective way to add a lick of colour to your room? But at the same time aren’t sure quite what colour to go for? Now you don’t have to just choose one colour. This Colour Changing LED set may be right up your street. You can change the mood of the room with a flick of a remote control switch. The LED strips come in 0.5 metre lengths and is our Mini Starter pack. There is a 4 metre option available too.

Flexconnect LED's

Flexconnect is a revolutionary design which allows the DIY electrician to install without the use of tools. Every LED strip can be cut to size with a pair of scissors, or extended simply by buying additional LED strips. You can run bridging cables around things so that your LED lights are where you want them to be in the room. Flex connect really is the simplest and most cost effective lighting solution available today.

Kit Contents:

- 2 * 1m Colour Changing Self Adhesive Strips
- 2 * 0.5m Colour Changing Self Adhesive Strips
- 1 * Power72 - 72w Driver.
- 1 * Controller and remote control


Some common questions :

Q: I have some kitchen units that I would like to light but there's a cooker in the middle - how do I deal with this?

A: Simple - at the end of the first run of cuboards, just add a bridging cable and run this behind the cooker to the next set of cupboards where you can just plug more strip in and continue.

Q: I have two areas I would like to light on opposite sides of the room?

A Use a "Y" Splitter and some bridging cables to allow you to have separate runs.

Q: Can it be dimmed?

A : Yes - the remote has an inbuilt dimming function.

Q: How do I fix it in place?

A : It's self adhesive so just make sure the surface is clean and grease free before you mount the Strip.

Q: What about corners?

A : Your starter kit contains 2 short 10cm cables which allow you to easily deal with corners?

Q: Can it be cut?

A : Yes - there are cut points every 10cm - just use a pair of scissors to adjust to length.


Product Code FCRGBKIT01

Easy Install - No Tools

With full Remote Control

Expandable up to 10m
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