Maxilux 3w GU10 EconoLED2 Warm White (10 pack)

Consumes only 3W - Replaces 30W

*(including 20 % vat) plus postage & packing

Under £10 each - fantasic value!

Following the success of the original EconoLED we have decided to take the concept of a offering an economical alternative to the high power lamps - we aim for 70% of the performance and 50% of the price!


These lamps are built around 3 powerful 1w LED's projecting through a 38 degree lens which gives a beam pretty much the same as a standard Halogen lamp. The 1w LED is produced in huge volumes and so offer the most effective amount of light per £. This makes them perfect for general purpose lighting such as in a kitchen or lounge however.


The light colour is a choice between and attractive warm white or the crisp, cool white. As with all LED's these require NO warm up time and can be used to directly replace existing Halogen lamps but as they consume just 3.5w power they will save a fortune in the long run.


I put 4 into my kitchen and nobody noticed which I consider to be a good thing as in the past the moment I changed the 35w halogen lamps for LED's then the kids would pipe up with some comment or other!


Excellent light quality and distribution make them a real find - although the upfront cost might look a bit daunting when you look at the full life costs then the savings are immense - remember they use around 3.5 watts of power instead of 35w!


Size wise these lamps measure the usual 50mm diameter and are just 52.7mm long so they won't be sticking out of your fittings!

Product Code MAX04-GUCWWX10
Dimmable No
Lamp Life 40000 hours
Colour Temperature 3000k or 5000k
Wattage 3w
Lumens 150 lm
Beam Angle
38° - 40°
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